What is forgiven: Ein neuer Roman über den Wiesbadener Collecting Point

yetmen: What is forgiven

Vor kurzem hatte ich die Ehre und große Freude, eine Vorabversion von Canan Yetmens neuem Buch über eine fiktive Geschichte im CCP Wiesbaden zu lesen und zu begutachten.
Wie schon das erste Buch der geplanten Trilogy um die deutsche CCP-Mitarbeiterin Anna Klein ist auch dieses zweite Buch ein echter „Pageturner“, den ich wärmsten empfehlen kann. Leider bislang nur auf Englisch erschienen, weshalb ich auch die Vorstellung auf Englisch wiedergeben möchte.

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What’s it about?

What is Forgiven follows Anna Klein, who has been working with the Monuments Men for a few months and continues to struggle to put her life back together. In this book, she confronts the Holocaust and her complicity, as a German citizen, in the atrocities the Nazis committed. Because the Nazis stole the property of Jewish collectors, the art now under the Americans’ control must be restituted. But she learns that when the stakes are this high, people rationalize their greed and crimes to protect themselves, their reputations, and their loved ones.

The series is inspired by the circumstances of the German half of Yetmen’s family at the end of World War II. Although no one worked with the Monuments Men, her grandmother, who was displaced, along with her great-grandmother and mother—then five years old— was lucky enough to get a job working for the American Occupation Forces. Yetmen’s day job as an architectural writer sparked her interest in the work of the Monuments Men, many of whom were architects. The two ideas collided to create the stories of the Anna Klein Trilogy.

“What is Forgiven shows that cultural heritage is always worth fighting for, and that the value it represents is precious. Anna and Cooper traverse the difficult and multifaceted tasks the Monuments Men faced after combat was over, proving that cultural heritage is always worth fighting for. Even—or especially—when the world is turned upside down.”

What is Forgiven – the second book in the Anna Klein trilogy
Author: C.F. Yetmen
408 pages
ISBN: 978-0998889009
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