Rose Valland – art spy at the Jeu de Paume

Rose Valland was the perfect spy. Her innocence was the best camouflage. When the Germans occupied Paris and the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR) moved into his bag-shop in the building of Jeu de Paume, she was already there. The art […]

No lessons learned from the Monuments Men?

At the workshop „Protection of historical cultural values in wartime – Second World War to Syria“ I recently met Isber Sabrine (Chair of „Heritage for Peace“), Prof. Paul Harris (Auburn University, Alabama), PD. Dr. Uwe Hunger (FoKos Siegen) und Sascha Krannich […]

Protection of Cultural Heritage in the 21st century

Interview with Marilyne Mingou, expert in the Rule of Law in wartime (Belgium) During World War II a military art protection organization, the Monuments, Fine Arts & Archives section was founded to protect European cultural heritage from the destruction or […]

Panta rei – Thoughts on the New Year

Panta rei – everything flows. Not least when dealing with history, one realizes how much everything is in flux and is changing continuously. Also, our view of history, our perception and judgement of temporal processes in the past, is changing with […]

Rescued Art – Contemporaries about the Monuments Men

The most of what we know today about the Monuments Men comes from their own biographies as well as from the source material from the American archives. Although they were certainly very present in the German museums during the occupation, […]

Whose cultural heritage is it?

When we talk about protection of cultural property these days, we usually see it in a global perspective. Cultural heritage – tangible or intangible – is worthy of protection as the heritage of all humanity, regardless of who it belongs to. But how […]