Walter Farmer with the bust of Nefertiti

Monuments Men – Protection of artworks during wartime

As „art historians in uniform“, the so-called Monuments Men were concerned with the protection of cultural objects during the Second World War. Starting point of this military unit was a civilian initiative to protect the cultural heritage of the art […]

No lessons learned from the Monuments Men?

At the workshop „Protection of historical cultural values in wartime – Second World War to Syria“ I recently met Isber Sabrine (Chair of „Heritage for Peace“), Prof. Paul Harris (Auburn University, Alabama), PD. Dr. Uwe Hunger (FoKos Siegen) und Sascha Krannich […]

The „Painted Queen“ Visiting Wiesbaden

World famous artworks in the province – how the German small town Wiesbaden became a storage facility for art treasures after World War II The end of World War II meant a turning point for the field of visual arts. […]

The Wiesbaden Manifesto – A Symbol for Protecting Cultural Heritage

George Clooney shows us in „The Monuments Men“ the story of American art protection officers – while the war is still in full swing – catching up with the advancing troops through Europe. Initially concerned about the European monuments and  architecture they also searched […]