As „art historians in uniform“, the so-called Monuments Men were concerned with the protection of cultural objects during the Second World War. Starting point of this military unit was a civilian initiative to protect the cultural heritage of the art institutions and universities of the US East Coast. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, […]

At the workshop „Protection of historical cultural values in wartime – Second World War to Syria“ I recently met Isber Sabrine (Chair of „Heritage for Peace“), Prof. Paul Harris (Auburn University, Alabama), PD. Dr. Uwe Hunger (FoKos Siegen) und Sascha Krannich (Uni Münster). A fascinating workshop with many interesting conversations – a lot of inspirations and thought I […]

World famous artworks in the province – how the German small town Wiesbaden became a storage facility for art treasures after World War II The end of World War II meant a turning point for the field of visual arts. The much-discussed „zero hour“ required a reconstruction of the infrastructure of the German museum landscape: […]

George Clooney shows us in „The Monuments Men“ the story of American art protection officers – while the war is still in full swing – catching up with the advancing troops through Europe. Initially concerned about the European monuments and  architecture they also searched for war-related mobile works of art suggested to be in repositories like mines and bunkers, […]

It’s that slightly bizarre appearance, inherent in many Spitzweg paintings that also characterizes the Butterfly Catcher. In the foreground of a tropical landscape in muted brown-green tones surreal giant blue butterflies are fluttering around, almost like extraterrestrial creatures. In the background of the painting the hunter of this delicate insects is lurking in his white robe, in his left hand […]